About Tistahel

We are “Tistahel”, your way to live an easier life with a clear mind while we take care of your obligations. “Tistahel” specialization in the services of personal assistance spares the trouble of research and follow-up, and save your time to take care of your business priorities. The team at “Tistahel” is highly sophisticated and experienced. They will take care of your time and accomplish your tasks on a high level of professionalism and performance. “Tistahel” understands your passion and allows you to live anxiety-free and keeps you updated with the world of culture and sports. At “Tistahel”, we take care of the finest details in a luxurious way, suitable for our distinguished customers, businessmen and senior employees, to provide the services of personal assistance with the passion that accomplishes sufficiency.

Life Style

When you want your travel arrangements to be the beginning of the pleasure of traveling, to think beyond booking and preparations and enjoy your business trip, “Tistahel” is the destination that you trust to achieve all of this in a professional way that goes beyond your expectations.

Personal Assistance

Your lifestyle at office, home or wherever you are in the world will be more effective with “Tistahel”. We place performance, productivity and peace of mind as priorities for our business in serving our clients.

Privilege services

The elite, pioneers of the community and the symbols of success. We provide them a high degree of sophistication through our privilege services to match the lifestyle of our distinguished clients. We take pride and integrity in a way that always accompanies us.